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The custom homebuilding process

How to pick a homebuilder – What to look for and how to compare

Manuscript showing homebuilder and client from 1480Selecting the right homebuilder is crucial to the successful completion of your new home. Most conscientious professional homebuilders belong to their local building association, and this is a great place to start. Find out information such as how long the builder has been in business, and how many homes they have built. Schedule a meeting and ask candid questions. Discover how the builder conducts their business, what services they offer, and how they manage all of the processes.

  • Do they offer a design service?
  • Do they guarantee their price in the construction contract?
  • What warranty do they offer?
  • Are they easy to contact during normal business hours?
  • Ask for references of past clients who you can contact.
  • Drive by some of the homes they have built.
  • Check their professional credentials.

Not to be overlooked is how comfortable you feel with the prospective builder. The importance of a good relationship cannot be overemphasized. You need to feel that you can be friends with your builder, and your relationship must be based on mutual trust and respect. At G&S Homes we believe that your best interests are the same as our best interests, that we are on the same team and have the same goals. In essence, we are looking out for you as partners in the homebuilding process.

How to work with a homebuilder

  • You may have an idea in your mind, a sketch on paper, a plan or two from a plan service that require modification and development, or a complete set of blueprints that require minor modification.  An experienced Design/Build business such as G&S Homes has the skill and the resources to guide you through all of the processes, resulting in a completed set of working plans.

  • An experienced custom builder has the ability to not only help you develop your home plans, but to help you determine selections and specifications for your home that fit your budget and your tastes.

  • A qualified custom builder will be in tune with the latest and most advanced materials and technologies to make your new home as comfortable, energy efficient, and durable as possible.  This skill set requires the constant updating of knowledge, and your builder should be actively involved in continuing their training and education.

  • Your custom homebuilder will act as a team leader. Their team members will consist of professionals in the fields of design, engineering, financing, highly competent trade contractors, and experienced vendors who are experts in the products they supply.

Green Building

Certified Green ProfessionalBuilding Green covers a wide range of techniques, materials and processes that position your new home to live more lightly and in tune with our surroundings. At G&S Homes we are a certified green builder and have built homes that include a wide range of green building components.

A significant part of green building boils down to the use and conservation of energy. How much energy is embodied in the building materials themselves, in their transportation and assembling? Then once the house is built, how much energy does it consume to keep its inhabitants comfortable? Consumption of energy has a direct influence on environmental quality, because of the inherent pollution through greenhouse gasses and other emissions.

Solar cells on roofGreen building also involves conservation of resources such as water, building materials and land. We can discuss a wide range of alternatives that are available in creating a green home. We work with our clients to understand the cost/benefit aspects of green building and the options available in the Bloomington area.

For more information visit the National Association of Builders Green Building site.

Personalized Attention to Your Home

G&S Homes is a small business and the owners, Mark and Jeff, work personally on all homes built. Mark is in charge of every stage of the planning process and Jeff personally supervises the building of all homes on a daily basis. The systems we’ve developed through the years provide a fun, hassle free, and rewarding experience for our clients. During all phases, you will never have to worry about being able to contact us with any questions or observations. And yes, we are always open to making changes.


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