Have you ever commissioned a new home?

It's a process that requires a kind of partnership with your builder. You start now, and at the end of the process you have the home that you've been seeing in your daydreams.

A G&S built custom home in Bloomington, Indiana

G&S Homes is one of Bloomington's most experienced homebuilders with over 300 family homes in the area. The vast majority of these homes were built in a partnership with the homeowner. Starting with the homeowner's goals and desires, G&S Homes comes up with ideas, options, budgets, designs and advice. Advice based on 30 years of building in Bloomington / Monroe County.

We are always interested in meeting potential clients, whether you have a specific idea of what you want or if your goals are not well defined. Email Mark Sovinski at mark@gshomes.com. If you're looking into building a custom home we are certain you will gain some valuable information from this discussion.

House Plan for custom home construction

How to build
a custom home

Custom homebuilding is a highly rewarding process the will result in the creation of your unique dream home. You may never have commissioned a building before. This information gives you an overview of the custom  process.    M O R E >

Custom Construction in Bloomington, Indiana

G&S Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from the hundreds of homes that we've built. We can help you find plans or work with your architect or architectural goals to produce the home you want.    M O R E >

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How to start building a custom residential construction

Getting Started

The very first step is to meet prospective builders. Building your custom home is an extended months- to years-long process working with a person or group of people you will need to trust.

Email Mark Sovinski to discuss your ideas: mark@gshomes.com


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